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Update 9-10-16

WascoTimes.com has been up and running for nearly ten years now.  We have had two redesigns in our history and frankly I like this one the best of the two.  Our biggest accomplishment during our history was certainly the Wasco High Centennial event held last fall where we were very involved in letting Alumni and visitors know the schedule of events on campus that weekend and also information about the various Decade Reunions held around Wasco that Saturday evening. 

But that was nearly a year ago now and I think the lasting value of the Centennial information posted on this website are the 75 or so Alumni Video Interviews captured and are able to be viewed in the Videos section above.   We discovered a long ago that viewers much prefer videos over photos.  We have many photos of the Centennial gathered, but have decided to let your classmates videos speak for themselves as they are much, much more personal than photos could ever be.  These videos speak to the heart of the Centennial  and the importance of Wasco High to those Alumni.  These are your friends and though your time at Wasco High may have been long ago, when you see the Alumni Videos it brings up so many good and special memories..  

We are considering a major change to WascoTimes.com and a decision with be made on which direction in a couple more months.  Though I really like the style of this site, the new design will be totally different as to style, viewer usability, broadened content to read including videos to the new site.  The Centennial Alumni Interview Videos will go to the new site as I think those are so valuable to the school, our memories and history and will always be a apart of WascoTimes.com no matter what changes we make. 

If you have ever worked on a website, it is a daunting task and has a huge learning curve.  The new design will be with a different company and every task will have to be learned again only doing it their way instead of the way I've been working on this site.  We will likely leave this site up, and work on the new site in the back ground getting it ready to be published and then switch sites when the new WascoTimes.com is ready to go public.  

I think you will be pleased with the new site and we certainly appreciate your support and interest all these many years 

As always "Go Tigers"!

Gary Steward



A James Sutton Photo