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WascoTimes.com Contributors

Roy Patrick (''63)   Film and Music Production

Earl Grizzell ('69) Music Production , Centennial Poster

James Sutton ('66)  Centennial and Alumni Logos, Digital Photos

Janet Struempf Mosley ('65)   Mail Lists

Robbyn Mosley ('63)   Email Lists, Spread Sheets, Advisor

Carolyn Cameron Turner ('58)   FaceBook - Centennial

Ross Shafer ('67)   The Wasco News  history 1911 - 1969

Wally Shafer (''37) editor of the Wasco News   Speaking of Wasco

His book is a detailed compilation of the history of Wasco families

from 1895 to 1975.  See in Historical under Wasco Tiger Books. 

Marilyn Correll Kendig ('56) and Hank Webb ('53)   Our Journey in Wasco  

These five books are a compilation of emails from Wasco High

Alums sharing their early memories of arriving and living in Wasco in

the 1930's to the 1950's.  See in Historical under Wasco Tiger Books. 

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