Capturing the Heart of Wasco High Tigers Over the Years

A James Sutton ('66) Photo

 And speaking of lights.  WascoTimes.com website will be turning off its lights the middle of Novenber.  Thank you to the faithful Tigers who have followed us for over 15 years.

Community Interviews and Wasco Tiger Books 

Wasco Historical Society  Wasco 100 Years Part 1     Barbara Lucas, Donna Giddings Rogers ('49), Gary Giddings      53),

                                                                                          John Stowe, ('50), Loran S. Grant ('40), Meryl Wasson Grant ('44),

                                                                                          Ruby DeVoe Grant ('42), Pete Provencio ('49), and Art Crettol ('40)

Wasco Historical Society  Wasco 100 Years Part 2    Barbara Grundt, Frances Krause Lohr ('35), Marilyn Correll Kendig ('56)

                                                                                          Marlene Fannin Swan ('50), Modesto Bernal ('42), Stan Voth ('67),

                                                                                          Mervyn Voth ('36), and Bob Coe ('41)

Wasco Historical Society Museum Interview - Rapp (her grand parents sold land to Wasco High for campus)                                     This video is under development

Wasco Tiger Books

This new section of Wasco Historiy will house  known Wasco High authors who have published a book of some kind, either currently in print or not.  We will give a link to check it out if it's still in print.  Speaking of Wasco and Our Journey in Wasco books below can be downloaded and printed so you can have your own hard copy.  .   

Our Journey in Wasco. This important work is compiled emails from classmate Marilyn Correll Kendig's ('56) alumni emails who started talking about how they came to Wasco in the late '30s, ';40s and '50s.  It's a fascinating inside look at the real stories of many of our Alumni families and friends in their early days here.  

Our Journey in Wasco        Book One   Book Two   Book Three   Book Four   Book Five 

Wally Shafer ('37) Speaking of Wasco - the History of the families of Wasco from 1895 to 1975

Wasco News (1911 - 1969)/Shafer Publishing Company, Inc   Wasco's Golden Jubilee 1907 - 1957 Souvenir Book

Ken Cannon ('46)   Bib Overalls     The Potty Book

Wasco High Archiving Class  This class is going through all the available Wasconian annuals, copying them and housing them on the Wasco High website