Capturing the Heart of Wasco High Tigers Over the Years

A James Sutton ('66) Photo

Wasco High Sports History

Hall of Fame  2009 


Hall of Fame  2010 

Hall of Fame  2011

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Virginia Berthold  1932
Kathy Profitt  1995

Heather Skeels  1999

Joe Hively  1971

Jerry Scott  1970

Gary Cheatwood  1971

   Wasco High Videos

     A National Treasure - Historic Auditorium    

     A Century of Success - Centennial Film

     Wasco High in the mid '80s - Chris Rivera ('86)   

     A Painters View of Our Auditorium
     B Tuff tours Cafeteria and Heritage Hall,
     Wasco High Media - student produced videos

      Excellence in Education video

     New Cafeteria Open House video   



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     Huell Howser Visits Wasco  

     1967 "Wascoettes"        


      OFCC Car Club Video      

     More Community Interviews - see the Historical link            above        

Hall of Fame 2018

Angelea Davidson 1989                                     Bill Peck coach                                             David Lucas 1974                                     Leonard Ortiz 1973                                       Nacho Martinez 1992                                      Tony Padilla 1977